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推動對話力, 促進社會正向改變,朝向永續發展的城邦

Fostering the Art of Dialogue for positive societal development
Dialogue identifies blocks in communication, seeks understanding of them and then addresses them. The process disassembles individual and group perceptions formed by the boundaries of language and the habits of history and culture – it is a purposeful inquiry into the assumptions, values and processes creating relationship dynamics.

As a result, dialogue serves as a collective learning arena where the individual’s capacity for attention, awareness and acceptance of the other is exercised and expanded. In its deepest sense, dialogue is a powerful tool for probing the frontiers of what it means to be human, our relationship to each other and to our world.” (To read more about our definition of Dialogue, see bottom of page).

The CPYF offers service in Four modalities:
  1. Experience Dialogue: Creating a space for civil society dialogue and experiences. Programs use facilitation techniques aimed at strengthening community around topics of concern to the target audience.
    In addition to tailored group–by–group program delivery, each year CPYF follows a broad theme characterizing the focus of our work selected according to feedback and characteristics of that year.
    2009 theme: “Thriving on uncertainty”.
    2008 theme: The Big Question: ask the right questions and carve your own path.
    2006-2007 theme: Imagine Taiwan.

  2. Dialogue services: We offer Nonprofit and Government organizations direct service in international conference planning, community consensus building and meeting facilitation.

  3. Trainings in Dialogue: Due to popular demand, The CPYF offers trainings and direct learning opportunities for the study of specific dialogue tools used for working in diverse team contexts. Skills training include: Open Space Technology, World Café and Appreciative Inquiry.

  4. Sponsorship of individuals and causes: The CPYF provides financial sponsorship of selected individuals and causes who are reaching for a dream and just need a little boost to make reach their goal. Sponsorships cover five principal categories as listed below with relevant programs beneath; Programs Include:
Community Service 社區服務
  • 2006 - Donation to the Hope Wing Association for the building of a school for children and adults isolated in a Sichuan leprosy village.
  • 2003 – Trains a community of retired teachers how to plan their volunteer career in retirement.
  • 2002 – Financial donation to medical research focusing on specific diseases afflicting aboriginal communities in Taiwan.
  • 2000 – Created fundraising opportunity for student band wishing to perform in Europe but lacking the funds; musicians performed for an elderly community.
Elderly 樂齡族
  • 2003 - Donation to two elderly community centers in need of financial support (恆安老人養護中心 and 兆如老人養護中心)
  • 2003 – Facilitation for elderly volunteer corps a dialogue about what kind of services they would like to provide and how best to position themselves for achieving that intention.
  • 2002 - Invited Dr. Samuel Noordhoff, leading physician in the field of cleft palate and craniofacial anomalies, speaking to Shuanglien senior citizens college about his life of abundance in the speech “My vocation is my vacation”.
  • 2002 – Facilitation for an elderly volunteer center an open space discussion on the topic “How can I enrich my life through learning and contribution.” 2002 – Purchased a community bus to service senior citizens in the Shilin area of Taipei.
  • 2001 – Organized a seminar regarding “the application of law for the elderly”.
  • 2001 – Donate financial contribution to an elderly home in need (Tamshui).
  • 2000 - A seminar and hearing screening test for the elderly.
Education 教育
  • 2005 – Art appreciation workshop open to the general public
  • 2001 - Invited 廖德政, a well known local artist in Taiwan, to give a guided tour of his life and work in a museum celebrating his eightieth anniversary.
Health 健康/醫療
  • 2006 – Financial donation to the medial corps service focusing on a mental hospital in Hualien.
  • 2005 - Donation of massage table set and reiki healing service for the teachers at the San Yu mental development center.
  • 2005 - Financial donation to Yang Ming University’s medical service program in Hualien.
  • 2004 – Financial donation to Yang Ming University’s medical service program in Jinmen.
  • 2004 – Financial donation to a summer medical service corps (長庚醫學院羅卡達醫療隊)。

The CP Yen Foundation strives to serve as a catalyst for the skillful practice of dialogue. Through the foundation’s tools and resources we contribute to the creation of communities of respect, gratitude, participation, culture, and action.


The CP Yen Foundation was founded in 1999 to memorialize San Yang Metal Industrial’s Chairman of the Board Mr. Chao Pang Yen. During his lifetime Mr. Yen cared deeply for Taiwan and felt it especially important to always contribute to the ongoing flourishing of society.


The purpose of dialogue is to explore the human experience: our values, emotions, thought processes, memory, culture which is inherently created and sustained in the social collective.
Dialogue is an inquiry into deeply held assumptions regarding meaning and identity. In a very deep sense, dialogue is an inquiry into what “truth” is – our accepted individual definitions and our agreed upon interpretations of truth as a social identity.
See Chart 1 below for a breakdown in the attributes of dialogue.

Chart 1: Dialogue is… / Is not….
Discovery Judging
Team Learning Persuading
Listening to Learn Implementing
Creative Integration Individual Learning
Honoring Contribution Looking for Advantage
Exploring and Artistry Recycling Information
Asking Clarifying Questions A Process of Elimination
Creating New Understanding Listening in order To Refute
Encouraging All Perspectives Restating Old Ideas or Selling
Looking for The Best Mental Model Overwhelming Others with Detail
Helping Something New Come into Being Comparing Points of View or Conclusions
Understanding Alternative Mental Models Getting One’s Own Point of View Out
Inquiring to Learn Tell, Sell, Persuade: Defending ideas & positions
Unfolding shared meaning & Gaining agreement on one meaning
Integrating multiple perspectives
Uncovering & Examining Assumptions Justify & Defending Assumptions

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57, Fu-Hsing North Road, 3F, Taipei, Taiwan 10595
Nearest MRT: Nanjing E. Rd. Station
The building is located between the cross-streets Nanjing E. Rd. and Zhu Lun Street. On first floor of the building you will see King’s Bank and Co-operative Bank.
When you come out of the elevator turn left and walk towards the green sequoia tree cartoon in the lobby of the Great Sequoia Corp office.
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促 進社會正向改變。我們是夢想與行動的對話平台。

1. 對話力的體驗:每年我們選定一個重要議題,創造民眾對話的空間與體驗。2009年對話主題『不確定的年代 展現生命力』

2. 對話力的服務:我們直接對非營利組織或政府機構提供服務,如願景共識營,國際會議規劃,社區共識營、董事會會議引導等

3. 對話力的培育: 我們因應需求提供開放、多元團隊對話工具的學習,如開放空間會議科技(Open Space Technology)、世界咖啡館(World Café)、肯定式探詢(Appreciative Inquiry)

財團法人朝邦文教基金會成立於民國八十八年,基金會之成立乃為紀念三陽金屬工業有限公司故董事長顏朝邦先生。 先生生前以關懷台灣、培育精英、回饋社會為其終身目標。家族承其遺願,作為顏氏家族回饋社會服務之第一步。基金會自成立以來,積極展開上述服務。

10595 台北市復興北路57號3樓 (在南京東路跟朱崙街之間) (電梯出來左轉,往有綠色松樹的動畫片在辦公大廳方向走。我們實在Great Sequoia Corp (史格亞有限股份公司)的辦公室內)。

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